Givenchy Spring 2011 | Paris Fashion Week

The spring outing from Givenchy was dark–not that it comes as any surprise with Riccardo Tisci’s well known gothic aesthetic. This season, however, brought an introduction of leopard, zippers and sheer pants. Among sharply tailored blazers, cross motifs, ruffles and billowing silhouettes also made an appearance on the runway culminating in a distinctly somber yet visionary collection.

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6 Responses to “Givenchy Spring 2011 | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. AMAZING. Givenchy cant do wrong in my book. That hair is wicked. Love it.

  2. Maria Tavares Reply

    Inferior, comparing to the last season. Anyway, Givenchy is always Givenchy.

  3. The collection is awesome (as always). Givenchy is one of my fabs, what can i say…xD
    And i totally agree with the first comment about the hair, wicked it´s a perfect word to define it :)

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