Gisele Bundchen for Versace Spring 2012 Campaign by Mert & Marcus

Blue VersaceGisele Bundchen soaks up the sun in Mert & Marcus’ true blue images for Versace’s spring 2012 campaign taken in Southern California. Styled by Joe McKenna, Gisele is smoldering hot overlooking a pool setting. (WWD)

10 Responses to “Gisele Bundchen for Versace Spring 2012 Campaign by Mert & Marcus”

  1. what happened to mert and marcus!! this is one of their worst photos ever… still they are my fav photographers!

  2. All hail the queen! She loooooks Fab, her body is sick! I have to disagree, she looks great, I with the lighting was a little better, but she looks great, and I LOVEEE the shoes.

  3. my comments aren’t showing up for some reason, but i actually think G looks great, i love her body, its so fit, but still ladylike. Anyway, i love the shoes!

  4. It looks like a low budget movie trying to do the day for night thing but not really succeeding.  At first I thought M&M had finally gone too far, but I actually think I like it (and I have noticed that their extreme processing looks better in the actual magazines for some reason).

  5. The last few Versace ad campaigns have been utterly disappointing. Abbey Lee looked emmaciated and the styling was uninspired, Saskia in last season looked out of place and the ad itself looked cheap. This… is amazing. Versace needs Gisele. Every Versace ad with her kills. The one from a few years back with Kate Moss, beautiful.

  6. love seeing a REAL supermodel back at Versace. Gisele with her strong features doesn’t get lost in the sensuality and glamour of this collection

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