Model Talk: Gisele Bundchen Says She Doesn’t Own a Hairbrush

Gisele Bundchen’s gorgeous locks / Image courtesy of Instagram

Despite being the face of Pantene haircare, supermodel Gisele Bundchen revealed in a recent interview with AP that she does not own a hairbrush. Whoa! “When she’s not working, Bundchen says she doesn’t have much time to put into her locks and laughs that her go-to style is a ‘sleek bun’. She doesn’t even own a hairbrush.” the story reads. Gisele goes on to explain, “In my job you have to remember people are brushing my hair every day. You have to remember the last thing I want (on a day off) is a brush in my hair!”

In the interview, she also reveals that she has not drunk soda in 10 years. “Products are amazing but if you are putting things that are unhealthy inside your body it’s just masking stuff,” she shares. “I haven’t drank soda in 10 years. My kids eat what I eat.” Well, we guess that’s how she must keep in such amazing shape, as shown by these recent lingerie advertisements for her eponymous line.

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