Ginta Lapina by Vincent Peters for Vogue Russia November 2011

Couture DancerGinta Lapina is a couture darling for Vincent Peter’s cinematic images featured in Vogue Russia’s November issue. Wearing dramatic shapes from the likes of Dior, Chanel and Givenchy Haute Couture styled by fashion editor Katerina Mukhina, Ginta is the star of the company with all eyes on her glamorous looks.

14 Responses to “Ginta Lapina by Vincent Peters for Vogue Russia November 2011”

  1. LOL Ballet-inspired editorial does not equal Black Swan, there is nothing sinister here.  It’s just very pretty.

    • really? why? beause of ballet? so i guess the first thing you think of is ballet. back swan was a very dark movie, lots of black and drama. this is just 1940’s inspired. full of beauty and softness.

  2. really lacking commitment in this editorial… it’s literally teetering on the line between bland and brilliance… but it just doesn’t quite make the mark. the double exposure effect is a con rather than a pro and the model lacks the ability to give a different expression.

  3. the photographs lack something- art direction i think. anyway its off. peters is no paolo roversi.and the blk swan reference is dead on amd annoying. if thats ballet i’m an idiot. i only danced en pointe for 17 yrs for the charleston city ballet as a lead, the shoot is off way off.

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