• http://www.timothyroper.com/ Timothy

    Freaking amazing. I don’t know of too many people I’d like to see 5000 photos of, but it turns out Frida is one of them. With the same sweater, sometimes with the jacket, and yet they all have such personality.

  • Alex

    ^^^Timothy is right. Frida Gustavsson is a great model.

  • http://youareashootingstar.blogspot.com/ Stacey Kelly

    what a cool concept! i also love that frida is smiling in a lot of the photos… we rarely get to see models smile and her smile is gorgeous!


  • http://twitter.com/jbedfordphoto Joel Bedford

    Unique concept (1/5000) and an excellent, expressive model. Nice work! I also like that there’s no retouching on any of these photos beyond b/w conversion… Good job Nordic Youth

  • Sheila

    Unique covers, amazing idea! And AMAZING casting.

  • lovelittlelulu

    I love how fresh and young and cool she looks!!


  • me

    She’s so so beautiful