Fresh Face | Tian Yi by William Lords

Freshly Wrapped – Fresh Face Tian Yi (Fusion) gets wrapped up in fall looks in these recent portraits lensed by William Lords.

8 Responses to “Fresh Face | Tian Yi by William Lords”

  1. Nikitagray Reply

    wow.  i can’t wait to see her in future photo shoots.  these are beautiful shots.

    • I think she’s going to do well BECAUSE she looks like Fei Fei. This industry has shown time and time again how unoriginal it is when girls who look like other successful girls do well (Lara Stone -> Ashley Smith, Daphne Groeneveld -> Hailey Clauson, Miranda Kerr -> Candice Swanepoel, list goes on but that’s just off the top of my head).

  2. she looks nothing like sun fei fei.. what are you people seeing??? if you had said a mix of du juan (soft) and someone harder like liu wen i would have even agreed but sun fei fei? suns face is rounder and wilder looking.

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