Fresh Face | Courtney Remington by Ernesto Casillas

A Fresh Twist – New face Courtney Remington (Vision LA) shows off a mix of ladylike and youthful looks in Ernesto Casillas‘ colorful images. Styled by Nelson Rivas, Courtney sports pastel knits and denim. / Photo Assistant: Lucy Anabel Molokai

10 Responses to “Fresh Face | Courtney Remington by Ernesto Casillas”

  1. Pretty girl. But what really is on offer here, of all the “Fresh Face” entries I can remember maybe one or two have ever done anything else. Sad though it may be there are heaps of hopefuls and a miniscule few who ever get any international work, and many of those disappear within a season.

    • Dont need to be recognizable fashion face to have a long and relatively successful modelling career. The commercial market is funding most mods.

  2. Love that Dress from Hot Mess Vintage…. that makeup wow…. absolutly Beautiful!!

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