Fresh Face | Alyssa Winegarden by Rayan Ayash

Alyssa Fresh Face | Alyssa Winegarden by Rayan Ayash

Perfect Close-up – The newest addition to Elmer Olsen Models, Alyssa Winegarden, gets some real close-ups in this portrait series by Rayan Ayash. With colorful eye make-up by Beau Nelson and loose curls by Daniel Vaitovic, the green-eyed rookie enters the fashion scene with elegance and sophistication.

Alyssa1 Fresh Face | Alyssa Winegarden by Rayan Ayash
Alyssa2 Fresh Face | Alyssa Winegarden by Rayan Ayash
Alyssa3 Fresh Face | Alyssa Winegarden by Rayan Ayash

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  • Ibra Ake

    Damn she looks good who’s she with?

  • Dbb

    There’s sooo much drama in her face,very poetic!

    • Lauren-Alyse

      what a nice way to phrase 

  • Charlieaa

    Expressive, amazing.

  • hipporox

    she can emote even without eyebrows! amazing!

  • Hmllc1

    amazing! best photographer I love the faces

  • Laureenbousmail24

    Such a talented photographer! Absolutely breathtaking!

  • Medusa

    She’s definitely a vampire.

  • Marcia Wong

    Alyssa is definitely not the kind of classic beauty, rather exquisite and exotic. The photographer managed to take a series of portraits and made them look breathtaking. Love the first picture before the jump, and the make up. 

  • Alyssa

    Hey now! I’m not a vampire! I just tend to hate the sun… and I like your blood ;]

    P.S I’m with Elmer Olsen :P

  • Praguedog

    Beautiful out of focus alien.

  • hivenn


  • Alice Falson

    she’s gorgeous, but the first pic isn’t very flattering…

  • Fanny212

    I like the feel the images are trying to convey and I like the natural images and the images with the blue eye. The blue eye has a beautiful shape. For people who understand makeup and how hard it is to draw a perfect red lip it is hard not to notice that the red lip in the first images is a bit out of balance. The right side of the upper lip is much higher than the left side. I would have liked to see a story like this less retouched.

    • Lauren-Alyse

      I would like to see how would have done it.. the shots are lovely but just not quite epic! Shes gorgeous no doubt, however.

  • NOTer

    the photo retouch killed the whole shoot and also ruined the model… poor girl