Fresh Face

Fresh Face | Sarah Shermyen by Oscar Correcher

Rock and Roll Girl – In front of Oscar Correcher’s lens, new face Sarah Shermyen (Ford) takes on rocker inspired looks selected by stylist Lia Cohen.

Fresh Face | Anna-Klara by Johanna Nyholm

Introducing Anna-Klara – New face Anna-Klara (Elite) gets ready for her close-up in Johanna Nyholm’s relaxed images. Styled by Ellen PN, Anna-Klara sports casual looks in the bedroom. / Makeup and hair by Susanne Winsa

Fresh Face | Dalianah by David Montero

Dalianah – Dalianah (Traffic Models) goes for an all natural look in David Montero’s beautiful outdoor portraits. Tousled locks and barely there makeup by Giovanna Lucas accent the brunette’s casual ensembles.

Fresh Face | Moa by Fredrik Lee

Casual Moa – Fredrik Lee captures new face Moa (IMG London) with an all natural look in these recent black and white images.

Fresh Face | Vivian by Nicole Anne Robbins

Introducing Vivian – A new face from the Netherlands, IMG’s Vivian captivates in Nicole Anne Robbins’ recent no fuss snapshots.

Fresh Face | Annie Gustafsson by Oscar Correcher

Country Fresh – Oscar Correcher captures new face Annie Gustafsson (Elite) in a rustic clothing styled by Lia Cohen with these countryside portraits.

Fresh Face | Karly McNeil by Diana King

Introducing Karly – A new face hailing from the midwest, Karly McNeil (Click NY) has an all natural look in Diana King’s outdoor portraits.

Fresh Face | Lexi Russell by Willis Roberts

Lovely Lexi – Sporting a glam look, fresh face Lexi Russell (DNA) shows off the designs of Bishme Cromartie in Willis Roberts’ slick studio images. / Makeup by Crystal Pierce, Hair by Christian Salazar

Fresh Face | Anja Leuenberger by Valentina Pezzo

Summer Never Ends – New face Anja Leuenberger (Fotogen) hits the beach in Valentina Pezzo’s sultry portraits. Styled by Anita Wey, the dark haired stunner shows off a sun-kissed look courtesy of hair and makeup…

Fresh Face | Alexandra Madar by Oscar Correcher

The Glades – New face Alexandra Madar (Elite) takes to the everglades in photographer Oscar Correcher’s recent portraits where she dons autumn layers with eclectic prints styled by Danielle Parets. / Beauty by Ethian Hugo