Fresh Face

Kamille Poses for Liv Friis-Larsen

Introducing Kamille – New face Kamille (Le Management) poses for Liv Friis-Larsen in a recent series of beauty images. The brunette has a radiant glow with colorful eye makeup and mussed tresses courtesy of beauty…

Natalie Cottee Shoots a Playful Pascale Hunt

Bondi Beauty – Taken in a bohemian apartment on Sydney’s Bondi Beach, new face Pascale Hunt (The Agency) poses for Natalie Cottee in these playful portraits featuring casual looks.

Up and Comer Jordyn Grae by Djamel Boucly

Introducing Jordyn – Blonde with elf like features, new face Jordyn Grae (Marilyn Paris) poses for Djamel Boucly’s lens in these recent black and white snaps. Jordyn shows off her range in a wardrobe of…

Fresh Face Nicole Poses for Krzysztof Wyzynski

Meet Nicole – New face Nicole (Wave) shows off her potential in these dual portraits by Krzysztof Wyzynski. The 17-year-old beauty dons pared down ensembles as well as sophisticated looks with makeup courtesy of Lola.

New Face Anna Laman Goes Beachside with Photographer Natalie Cottee

Coastal Love – New face Anna Laman (The Agency) takes to Sydney’s northern beaches for Natalie Cottee’s sunny portraits evoking the Australian summer. Stylist Olivia Lahood dresses Anna in a laid-back wardrobe of casual tees,…

Up and Comer Lena Lomako by Willis Roberts

Introducing Lena – New face Lena Lomako (Women) poses for Willis Roberts’ lens in these recent black and white images. The Russian beauty shows off her potential with denim looks.

New Face Avery Soaks up the Sun in Images by Carolina Palmgren

Endless Summer – Fresh face Avery (Next Models) catches the last days of summer in Carolina Palmgren’s sun-drenched images. Styled by Amy Soderlind in girly ensembles, the blonde beauty wears retro curls and red lips…

Fresh Face Marlies Dons Denim for Fredrik Wannerstedt’s Images

The Wild Denim – New face Marlies (Mikas) takes center stage in these studio images lensed by Fredrik Wannerstedt. Styled by Natalie Olenheim, Marlies shows potential in editorial looks of denim with messy hair and…

Carmen Jalving Poses Courtside for Yonathan Baraki’s Lens

Charming Carmen – Yonathan Baraki captures Carmen Jalving (Max Models) in black and white looks styled by Marije Riegen. Posing outside a park, Carmen marvels with mussed hair and makeup by Lieke Sylvester.

Fresh Face Dauphine Poses for Calope in Black & White

Introducing Dauphine – New face Dauphine (Elmer Olsen) appears fresh and natural in these recent black and white images shot by Calope.