Fei Fei Sun for Elle China December 2010 by Zack Zhang

Fei Fei Sun stars in Elle China’s December issue looking as glamorous as ever in front of Zack Zhang’s lens. Wearing cool fashions from the likes of Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and D&G, Fei Fei stuns in the alluring series of images.

27 Responses to “Fei Fei Sun for Elle China December 2010 by Zack Zhang”

  1. Fei Fei is so beautiful! I’m glad these photos are all so clean, they don’t really need anything else but her.


  2. AMAZING bone structure! Her body looks so sickly though, like a frail skinny 60 year old woman’s.

  3. The photos are gorgeous, but there’s an odd outline around her figure in each photo that is just weird. Maybe it’s from the contrast?

  4. i know that it’s probably just her natural figure, but i still wish that someone would give the girl a milkshake!

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