Everything's 'Terrific'

I love all the quirky hats in these photos. It makes me want to go out and buy some.

kimpreview Everything's 'Terrific'

1 Everything's 'Terrific'

2 Everything's 'Terrific'

3 Everything's 'Terrific'

4 Everything's 'Terrific'

5 Everything's 'Terrific'

6 Everything's 'Terrific'

7 Everything's 'Terrific'

8 Everything's 'Terrific'

9 Everything's 'Terrific'

10 Everything's 'Terrific'

11 Everything's 'Terrific'

12 Everything's 'Terrific'

13 Everything's 'Terrific'

14 Everything's 'Terrific'

Magazine: A4 (Issue #58)
Editorial: Terrific
Photographer: Ruvan Wijesooriya
Model: Kim Noorda

source | tfs

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