Eniko Mihalik by Zoltan Tombor for Glamour Hungary

Eniko Mihalik continues with an editorial takeover for the October issue of Glamour Hungary where Zoltan Tombor captures the Hungarian beauty alongside Reka Ebergenyi at Budapest’s Sziget Festival. Part hippie and part glam, the duo sports autumn looks styled by Judy Pinter and Mark Lakatos in Glamour Grunge.

15 Responses to “Eniko Mihalik by Zoltan Tombor for Glamour Hungary”

  1. okay pictures are shit.. thats for sure. but i also think eniko is overrated. sry for all the fans out there, shes not that cool..

  2. I am not the biggest Eniko fan, but she has a very unique look and an enviable cool vibe. (Other than in editorials where she’s half naked)

  3. Personally, I think this is a great editorial. Interesting and natural…very little photoshop.

  4. I agree that the styling isn’t great, I don’t feel like buying any of the clothes in the spread, but I love love love Eniko.

  5. Say what you want, Eniko looks amazing here. Photographers usually over-sexify her, and im glad to see her looking so fierce, especially in that Chanel red couture coat. Literally to die for. Girls look chill and relaxed. Kinda girls you wanna be friends with and hang out with.

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