Eniko Mihalik & Terry Richardson Front the David Webb Fall 2012 Campaign

In Front of the Lens – Never one to shy away from being in front of the camera, photographer Terry Richardson joins Eniko Mihalik for the fall 2012 campaign from jewelry brand David Webb. Richardson shot the campaign with styling by Lori Goldstein in New York City. The advertisements for the handmade jewelry will appear in the September issues of Vogue, Garage, Tatler Russia and others. / Creative direction by Alex Wiederin, Hair by Bob Recine, Makeup by Diane Kendal

10 Responses to “Eniko Mihalik & Terry Richardson Front the David Webb Fall 2012 Campaign”

  1. Bruce Wayne Reply

    Creep, as a photographer and a subject (can’t call him a model). Remove him from the images & you’ll see how good they could have been.

  2. Gross, Terry is just disgusting. These could of been really nice if they used a male model and kept Terry as far away from it as possible. 

  3. disgusting. i think we can all agree he is the downfall of these shots.

  4. It looks like they photoshopped in the head of the Terry doll from the previous shoot.

  5. I love the the new collections. It looks so funky and chic. Though  I think I would also agree with some of the comments here too. Some of it looks photoshopped

  6. Do I like Terry Richardson? As a person probably not (although I can’t be sure of that since I haven’t met him), but as a photographer I sure do love his work.
    Having said that I don’t get using him as a model. Mainstream consumers (those who actually buy jewelry) do not know who he is. And if you don’t then this ad looks a bit creepy: young girl with old guy…

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