Eniko Mihalik by Sharif Hamza for VMAN

eniko mihalik1 Eniko Mihalik by Sharif Hamza for <em>VMAN</em>

50’s FlirtEniko Mihalik is the bell of the ball for VMAN’s winter-spring issue surrounded by a cast of male models including Simon Nessman, Nicolas Ripoll, Jakob Wiechmann, Justin Bravo, Matthew Terry and Matthew Coatsworth in 50’s inspired looks. Photographed by Sharif Hamza and styled by Tom van Dorpe, the group takes to a diner in an array of retro pieces ranging from preppy tweed to bad boy leather.

eniko mihalik2 Eniko Mihalik by Sharif Hamza for <em>VMAN</em>
eniko mihalik3 Eniko Mihalik by Sharif Hamza for <em>VMAN</em>

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  • http://www.style-abuse.blogspot.com Marcia Wong

    Since it’s VMAN, I think more attention should be directed at the guys, not Eniko Mihalik. 


  • Guest

    styling and idea is nice, sharif is like a bad copy of steven klein. it lacks what makes stevens work great.

    • anonymous

      Really?  I would never think to compare the two…  I see very few similarities in their work.

  • J N

    you can definitely see a story as it is obviously linked with grease


  • Anonymous

    This looks so boring, the styling looks Ok though


  • Lila

    bad direction here!!! the guy’s atitude at the last shot is terrible…. i dont like this editorial at all.

  • Anonymous

    adorable :)


  • Nicole

    Is it just me or is this photoshopped really weirdly? (esp. in the last one) Eniko looks pretty though.