Emilia Shines in Plaza Magazine by Fredrik Wannerstedt

Spring Shine – Emilia (Stockholmsgruppen) lights up in these images photographed by Fredrik Wannerstedt for the latest issue of Plaza Magazine. The blonde beauty wears a mix of graphic and floral prints from the likes of Chanel and Prada styled by Robert Nordberg. / Makeup by Sara Denman @ Link Details, Hair by Peter Johansson @ Mikas Looks

6 Responses to “Emilia Shines in Plaza Magazine by Fredrik Wannerstedt”

  1. dyllis_filler Reply

    these all look like “behind the scenes” pics..and the model is terrible..

    • Bo Brinkenfalk Reply

      Yes,exctly my words and the styling is terrible as well even if the stylist had great labels.

  2. This was a cool idea with the lights but poorly executed. I don’t like the model, she is pretty lifeless and doesn’t bring anything to the photos. Not a fan of the styling either, or the hair and makeup.

  3. She has great eyes, like an exotic cat or something. Love the graphic feeling of the shoot.

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