Elle Muliarchyk Launches New Multimedia Project 'Escapes from Paradise'

Escapes from Paradise – Photographer Elle Muliarchyk embarks on a new multimedia project, capturing her experiences on a road-trip spanning across the United States. Titled “Escapes from Paradise”, the work features otherworldly views of locations such as Arizona, Utah and Connecticut. Muliarchyk collaborated with art director Jacob Wildschiødtz who works for Love Magazine and designer Chadwick Bell, who provided her wardrobe for the journey. The photographer’s work can be seen in magazines such as Dossier Journal, I Love You Magazine and Interview Russia.

“Escapes from Paradise” includes photographs, GIFs, a fictional adaptation of Muliarchyk’s diary written by Anne B. Kelly and an original musical score. The 28-year-old former model says of the experience, “This is the first of many to come. I want to collaborate with more cool designers and create these mini-universes. My mission is to reinvent the way fashion is presented to us today. I want to make it an intimate personal and magical experience.”

View the project on EscapesFromParadise.com

I finally found a way to include all the things I love (like literature and music) into my fashion work. I created an online multimedia multi-sensory gallery that evokes an experience of a US road trip I took earlier this year. It includes self-portraits I took wearing a collection by a designer friend, a fictional adaptation of my road diary, and an original music score. –Elle Muliarchyk

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