Eden Clark by Nagi Sakai for Flair November 2011

Cherry Blossom Girl – Model Eden Clark goes to Japan for this spread from the latest issue of Flair Magazine shot by Nagi Sakai. Styled by Vittoria Cerciello, Eden’s structured and peek-a-boo looks evoke Eastern motifs amidst a tatami matted room with elegant screen doors. A candy-colored lip and easy hair by Michiru and Toshihiko Shingu give the images a stylishly serene finish.

4 Responses to “Eden Clark by Nagi Sakai for Flair November 2011”

  1. I think it’s a cool concept, but the angles are extremely strange in some these photos, to the point where you can’t highlight the clothes. And in some of the black and white shots, you cannot see the clothes clearly. Once again, I love the styling and the concept, but I don’t think it was pulled together well.¬†

  2. The color images are beautiful. Not sure how I feel about the black and white ones.

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