• Anita Siraki

    i want/love every single piece…and is it just me or do a few of their models have amazingly fit quads?

  • Lena

    love the last pic ;) looks super-cute

  • http://alafemme.blogspot.com Alafemeblog

    This collection is really cute, in comparison to their usually extremely sexy designs!!


  • Ming

    I really like this collection! It’s different to their usual, but I love it.

  • http://twitter.com/Sofficina87 sofia guiotto

    I love the collection but the models are super skinny!

    • http://mt.wiglaf.org/aaronm Aaronm

      especially the one in the Bikini, she’s almost creepy-skinner

      • PersonalCheeses

        I was thinking the same. Also somehow muscular? Not attractive, looks almost manly.

  • Chloé

    Very wearable, very nice!

  • Euphoria

    i luv the collection!!~~~

  • Anonymous

    Love the collection, nerdy and cute!!

  • Anonymous

    Love the collection, nerdy and cute!!