Dita Von Teese Stars in DITA Eyewear's Fall 2013 "Legends" Campaign

A Tale of Two DitasDITA Eyewear founders Jeff Solorio and John Juniper enlist burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and Mark Mahoney, the proprietor of the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, for its fall 2013 campaign. “Mark and Dita individually epitomize sartorial elegance and evoke a time lost when people were more stylized and paid attention to every detail – especially their eyewear,” says Solorio of the casting choice. The two pose for Lionel Deluy and John Juniper in classic eyewear styles from the brand.

4 Responses to “Dita Von Teese Stars in DITA Eyewear's Fall 2013 "Legends" Campaign”

  1. [email protected] Reply

    i hate this… dita is not a stylish girl, she’s a slut.

  2. Your a fucking CUNT! SHes amazing and glamorous your just uneducated and probably white trash!

  3. Dita is pure class and Glamour ! All hail the beauty queen

  4. [email protected] Reply

    dita is not a juicy peach, she’s a putrid “fruit”

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