Coco Rocha for Americana Manhasset Fall 2011

Venice DreamAmericana Manhasset taps Coco Rocha and Sean O’Pry for its fall 2011 lookbook/catalogue featuring some of fashion’s biggest labels including Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Louis Vuitton. Captured in the city of Venice, Italy, the pair overlooks blue water and rustic buildings in sophisticated wear.

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14 Responses to “Coco Rocha for Americana Manhasset Fall 2011”

  1. omg!! its so retouched that its scary…. and very tacky on top of everything!

    •  i was about to say the same thing, they ruined her skin at least they should have made it look natural if they’re going to retouch

    • Iloveloverobert Reply

      I think it was special! She looks like a doll ))) I LOVE IT

  2. A decent series, let down terribly by the post work. It’s amazing this level of heavy handed retouching has been approved for publication, truly staggering. 

  3. Even though I don’t like Coco, this could have been a lot better. The location is fabulous and the styling is perfectly fine, but the retouching is just plain dreadful. 

  4. am I the only person that is fed up with her overdoing everything and obcious over-acting? she’s never natural..

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