Claudia by Henrik Adamsen for Schön! Magazine

Taking a look at the natural “flaw” of freckles, photographer Henrik Adamsen (Factory 311) delivers a different brand of beauty to the latest issue of Schön! Magazine. With hair and makeup by beauty artist Monika Grensteen, Claudia of 2PM exudes sensuousness in luxe looks courtesy of Sarah Paaschburg.

16 Responses to “Claudia by Henrik Adamsen for Schön! Magazine”

  1. Waiting for freckles to be the next gap-teeth! I would love to see all the freckled babes of the world embrace their spots and stop trying to hide them.

  2. real fur? seriously? yawnnnnn…..i am so over this “yes it´s un pc but thats makes it even more decadent and cool”- thing.

    you wanna be edgy? be strong. and be against it!

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