Christopher Kane Spring 2012 | London Fashion Week

6 Responses to “Christopher Kane Spring 2012 | London Fashion Week”

  1. beautiful! i particularly love the dresses – amazing shapes and fabrics, not to mention the colours

  2. wow the fabrics- I really want to touch them! love the white crisp shirts. there’s no way I would ever wear those slippers in public though. yikes

  3. I generally love the color palette, but the shoes are atrocious & most of the clothes make the models look short.  Models are generally tall so I can’t imagine just how short these clothes would make the average female look. :/

  4. I thought this was a good show from Kane, he’s always a designer I’m excited by, but this wasn’t a favorite show of mine.  However, Tim Blanks’ review of it changed my mind, how he wrote about it was so moving!  I still wish the shoes were different, what woman would want to buy those?

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