Christopher Kane Fall 2012 | London Fashion Week

Kane’s Darkly Beautiful FallChristopher Kane seemed to be in a dark mood for his fall 2012 collection presented on Monday during London Fashion Week. Opening with pinstripe dresses in black and white, it set the tone for a gloomy color palette of plum, burgundy, royal blue and black. A certain change from spring’s neon hues, a dark scheme did not necessarily mean that the collection was missing exciting details with deep necklines, leopard spots, innovative textiles and eastern inspired prints. For warmer pieces, Kane looked towards heavy knitted sweaters, knee-length coats and furry jackets.

3 Responses to “Christopher Kane Fall 2012 | London Fashion Week”

  1. Although it is in a very “dark” mood, the aesthetic is just very Christopher Kane. Some of the dresses have a slight hint of spring 2012.

  2. Horrible makeup and hair. The girls look ill and the clothes are really not flattering…

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