• Memorexe

    This is magnificent–the collection. Sleek, sci-fi tinged, elegant and edgy. Would love to see a whole film emerge around this aesthetic. This model works in the context of serving the clothes, can’t say much else about her.

  • Lau

    the design are amazing love it loveit loveit cerruti it´s wearable and fashionista,i love it

  • http://twitter.com/Gerardo_Sands Gerardo Sands

    I see it in the hangers an it looks so wearable and architectural and the same time
    im loving Cerruti

  • Anonymous

    I love the minimalism to it.


  • http://styletrove.tumblr.com/ Style Trove

    Mind blowing designs. I’m truly impressed by this!


  • Anonymous

    I just love this. Especially that 6th and 7th dress. WOW. Sleek, sophisticated, sexy and minimal, all at once.