• L

    how poor… the worts campaign with Cara i’ve ever seen…

    but still shes a beauty!

  • sara constance

    HOT . I don’t find the shooting poor, just commercial. she worked it pretty well in my opinion but then again, she can never go wrong.


  • http://sonisorbet.blogspot.com/ sonia tibblin

    she´s so beautiful but these pictures looks so wierd…

  • http://www.52fashionweeks.com/ Anastasios

    I love Cara’s big red lips and I see that Mateusz has really used them as the centre of attention!
    Great lookbook editorial

  • Haidee De Fraine
  • http://twitter.com/elenavasilieva Elena Vasilieva
  • http://photo.maxbeautybridal.com/ Robert Qi

    Love the lighting!

  • http://www.mochaandmoccasins.blogspot.ca/ Monica

    Cara is everywhere!

  • CF

    These pictures seem so random! I thought they were going to be much better after watching this http://vimeo.com/60349657