Candice Swanepoel by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine #74

Ski BunnyCandice Swanepoel hits the slopes with lush furs and accessories selected by stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. Captured by Sebastian Faena for the latest issue of V Magazine, Candice sports a tan and golden locks in sexy winter outfits.

18 Responses to “Candice Swanepoel by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine #74”

    • I’m not familiar with strip clubs where the women all wear coats and ski suits.  But okay.

  1. Candice is a gorgeous ski bunny. I liked all pics aside from the first one. Toooo Courtney Stodden.

  2. The va-va-voom Barbie hair, bimbo poses, and poor styling just look like this was meant for Playboy. Don’t even get me started on the furs. It’s so cheap.

  3. The tan works great on her body. But in the face area it comes off as borderline orange. Not as bad as you see on most people but the lighting and The Hoodie make it more evident. 

    Other than that pretty cookie cutter. 

  4. its funny that all the bad comments are removed about Carlyne….the tackiest stylist at the moment

  5. Nobody gets it.. Its suppose to be humorous, campy and over the top. She’s portraying a stereo-type in these photos. That’s what makes it so great.  I love it. 

  6. WOw Candice can get reaction! Supermodel in the making!!! only the boring bland models get oohs and ahhs. A great model can create debate.

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