Burberry Spring 2011 | London Fashion Week

Bringing a sense of streamlined sleekness to spring 2011, Burberry Prorsum unveils a collection of leopard prints, ruffles and of course–their signature coats for the last day of womenswear from London Fashion Week. Accented by brights and jewel tones, the latest outing from chief creative director Christopher Bailey offered a focus on details such as piping, raised patterns and ruching found on the collection’s outerwear pieces. Closing with a jacket and dress combination worn by fall campaign star, Nina Porter, confetti fell down to end the show.

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24 Responses to “Burberry Spring 2011 | London Fashion Week”

  1. Honestly, this is kinda tacky. Some of those trenches are great, but im so over the studs and leopard print, especially combined. Its just too much. When I think about the Fall collection, which was SUPERB on every level, this is blah. Not impressed at all. :(

  2. Oh good. I’m not the only who thinks that this a poor offering from Christopher Bailey. His Fall 2010 presentation was so excellent; this makes me wonder what happened. This Spring collection is some hyped up, trendy off shoot. I get no sense of Burberry at all. This is like some poorly done knock-off of Versace.

  3. wow, christopher bailey, what happened? and why does he look so sad in the last picture? =(

  4. he’s probably sad that this collection wasn’t such a hit after all! the designs are beginning to look a little tacky, to me.

  5. Im not a fan of the neon or the prints, but the other looks I actually kind of like. It’s definitely a huge departure from Fall, but I’m ok with some amount of change. But the neon and the prints bug me quite a bit.

  6. Annmariekuhn Reply

    there is nothing new under the sun and this goes for fashion too

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