Ben Grimes by Nagi Sakai for Flair April 2012

Spanish LessonNagi Sakai captures Ben Grimes in matador inspired ensembles for the April issue of Flair. Wearing a mix of metallic hues, tapered pants and bolero jackets selected by Vittoria Cerciello, Ben poses at the Joshua Tree National Park in the designs of Moschino, Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani amongst others. A platinum blonde coif by Pasquale Ferrante and understated makeup by Ralph Siciliano perfect the seductive outfits.

4 Responses to “Ben Grimes by Nagi Sakai for Flair April 2012”

    • I have to agree with you… I personally like Vogue Japan March 2012 issue better. (“Kiss of The Matador” with Bianca Balti)

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