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    • Glamour Puss

      This is one of those shoots that is really simplistic, yet keeps your interest anyways. The hair, makeup and accessories fit...

      UncategorizedJoannaJanuary 20, 2009
    • Lindsay Lohan in Interview

      As far as I can see Lindsay has no movies or music coming out. So I have no idea what she...

      UncategorizedJoannaJanuary 20, 2009
    • Black Lagoon

      Michaela Kocianova plays the part of a sultry siren in Black Lagoon by Mariano Vivanco. The 1950s/60s inspiration is definitely apparent...

      Michaela KocianovaJoannaJanuary 19, 2009
    • Cole & Natasa for Costume National

      It’s definitely one of the best campaigns this season. But then again I am a little biased since Cole and Natasa...

      UncategorizedJoannaJanuary 18, 2009
    • Doutzen in Dutch L’Officiel

      I’ve been waiting to see this ed ever since seeing snaps on tfs and it does not disappoint. Jan Welters always...

      Doutzen KroesJoannaJanuary 18, 2009
    • Footprints in the Morning Snow

      Playing in the snow has never looked so homoerotic fun before.

      UncategorizedJoannaJanuary 18, 2009
    • From the Portfolio of Marguerite Sauvage

      Marguerite Sauvage is a French illustrator who has worked with clients that range from Elle France to Playboy. All of Sauvage’s...

      NSFWJoannaJanuary 17, 2009
    • Into the Wild

      This is Ellen von Unwerth at her best in my opinion. The second to last shot is beyond stunning.

      Ellen von UnwerthJoannaJanuary 17, 2009
    • I’ll Be Your Movie Star

      “London photographer Mariano Vivanco recently gave Dazed exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the making of his new short film, which is based...

      UncategorizedJoannaJanuary 15, 2009
    • You Better Work

      Stephenie Seymour proves why she earns the rare title of supermodel in Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2009 campaign.

      UncategorizedJoannaJanuary 14, 2009