Ashley Smith by Jason Lee Parry for Oyster Magazine

Queen of the Road – A sunny road trip serves as inspiration for this shoot featured in the latest Oyster Magazine, starring Ashley Smith. In front of Jason Lee Parry’s lens, Ashley is carefree and natural in the casual selects of stylist Cat Wennekamp featuring denim and worn out boots. / Makeup by Sarai Fiszel, Hair by Ramsell Martinez

21 Responses to “Ashley Smith by Jason Lee Parry for Oyster Magazine”

  1. Calebparry54 Reply

    One of the best editorials I have seen all year. Keep it up photographical Jesus!

  2. Melizabethbarton Reply

    wow this is beautiful and artistic jason is a creative genius i hope he keeps it up he will only get better!

  3. Melizabethbarton Reply

    he is one of the best already and cant wait for the next even more amazing editorial!!

  4. Could have easily been just another cliched white trash editorial, but instead it has this intense uninhibited unselfconscious free spirit feel.

  5. Rebekah Halls Reply

    Did anyone else get halfway through this then realise she has not only a huge gap but huge boobs? They were really prominant towards the end there.

  6. Jesuschrist Reply

    are you all fuckng serious?

    this is just another cliche piece of shite!

    the only reason this guy gets press is cos he got sued. this industry infuriates me. talk about rehash the sma eshit over and over. theres no genius here guys. pull it together.

  7. GARBAGE. I thought Oyster was trying to change for the better. This scares me that they’ll always be the same junky mag at heart.

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