Anja Rubik for Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2011 Campaign by Inez & Vinoodh

A vacation getaway in St. Barts serves as inspiration for Giuseppe Zanott’s spring 2011 campaign starring Anja Rubik. Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh, Anja looks white hot in the shoe label’s sexy heels and flats.

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  1. Francisque Sanchez Reply

    Inez and Vinoodh are so busy that they do fast retouching.. And the picture is too Photoshoped, the most visible proof of that is in the last on the Anja’s left knee you can clearly see square pixel (that produce a rectangular form on it) all of that to make Anja look a little bit more skinny, really too bad =/

    I’m a bit disappointed to see this kind of things on commercial pictures for such a big brand, with the money they must have put into to have known fashion photographers like them ! Please use digital processing more softly or don’t use it at all !

    By the may have also noticed crappy retouching under her left knee on the third picture it’s totally deformed .. Hope that isn’t the final pictures..

    Camilla Akrans
    Mikael Jansson
    David Bellemere

    Are actually the only ones who never disappointed me (Sorry for the long comment)

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