Ania Chiz by Marco Trunz for Fashion Gone Rogue

Poupée sans Coeur – Ania Chiz plays a living doll for Marco Trunz’ open green shoot photographed for Fashion Gone Rogue. With male model Heige V. as her caddy, Ania is the very vision of upper class chilliness with a glamorous exterior styled by Nadja Mara Brvar. Donning a luxurious mix of furs and lingerie from the likes of Jil Sander, La Perla, Gucci and Helmut Lang. Ania’s stoic look is accented with a pale face and regal bouffant by Janina Zais.

9 Responses to “Ania Chiz by Marco Trunz for Fashion Gone Rogue”

  1. Heroinchiq Reply

    i really love the …for fashion gone rogue eds, sometimes more like the others hehe .. thumbs up up up 

  2. After all the stiff doll poses, the last photo makes the whole thing work brilliantly. In a secret moment when he’s not around, she lets us in on the joke. I had to smile! =)

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