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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21, Episode 3 Recap: Boom Boom Wow

The contestants had to walk the runway while wearing silly string

The contestants had to walk the runway while wearing silly string

Runway Strut

It’s episode three of “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 21, and the mini-challenge of the week involves the model contestants walking the runway naked save for some silly string. Before the runway show starts, the model hopefuls are introduced to the director of NEXT Models Alexis Borges who will decide who wins the challenge. Let’s be honest, there is bound to be some awkwardness when people are walking the runway in just silly string. No one seemed to be more awkward than Adam who posed all “spread eagle” before hitting the catwalk doing strong man poses. And Alexis even named him and Ivy as the worse of the bunch once the challenge concluded. Keith was declared the winner of the challenge, and won the Tyra suite. He could choose one person to share it with and he chooses Kari. Is there a romantic connection there?

Challenge Photos

The next day, it is time for the main challenge. Tyra explains in true Tyra fashion that they will be not only filming the promo for the Cycle 21 intro but they will also be taking stills for the challenge. Tyra wants the guys to bring the “Boom Boom Boom” aka their abs while she wants the girls to bring the “Boom Boom Wow” aka their curves. The challenge is kind of like the Ice Bucket Challenge before it even existed. The contestants have to stand underneath cold buckets of water and try to pull out fierce poses. Some people struggled like Ivy, Will and Shei while others succeeded.

Afterwards, some drama brewed at the house where Mirjana calls out Adam for drinking too much. Her previous cuddle buddy Matthew gets in on the argument and a bunch of words are exchanged. Whoops, guess they are not cuddle buddies anymore.

The Deliberation

The judges at panel for Episode 3

The judges at panel for Episode 3

Now it’s time for the panel. The photos are revealed and the judges have some notes. Tyra told Ben he was “boom boom no” while Mirjana was too porno and Kelly even said Shei looked “busted” in her photo. Um, did anyone do well? The judges seemed to like Lenox, Keith and Romeo’s photos. And just when you forgot about Mirjana and Matthew’s falling out, Kelly brought up their flirtation during panel to which Mirjana replied, “it’s over for me, when I am done, I am done.”

Challenge Winner & Eliminated Contestant

Keith won for the second challenge in the row. The judges liked his photo and um..”manaconda” as Tyra put it. The bottom two were Will and Ivy. Tyra said that Ivy lacked confidence while Will did not bring his dancer skills on set but pulled out a good photo nonetheless. Ultimately, Ivy was cut for having the lowest score. But that does not mean she is out of the competition. Tyra revealed that the eliminated contestants will participate in every challenge and one will get the chance to re-enter the competition.

Next week is…are you ready? Makeovers! I wonder what crazy hairstyles we’ll see. Will we get another guy with a weave, and of course which girl will cry over her hair getting cut?

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