Amanda Norgaard is a Subway Ballerina for KURV Magazine by Marco Trunz

Traveling Dancer – Photographer Marco Trunz captures Danish fashion model Amanda Norgaard for the latest issue of KURV Magazine. Dressed by stylist Nadja Brvar in a mix of prints and ladylike silhouettes from designer labels, the ballerina graces the New York City subway with a dancer’s grace. / Hair by Sandra Kern, Makeup by Janina Zais

8 Responses to “Amanda Norgaard is a Subway Ballerina for KURV Magazine by Marco Trunz”

  1. If there’s something that makes me nervous is seeing a girl that’s not a ballerina wearing ballet shoes. To me, it just seems wrong, their feet look ugly, not elegant like the real ballerina’s feet.

    • Amanda Norgaard did train as a ballerina before becoming a model so she was a good choice

    • I agree, her feet look terrible. Not sure how much ballet training she had, any little girl can “train” as a ballerina. In any case, some one should have broken in the arch a little more and found a sexier point shoe that didn’t have such a high vamp! Aside from that, this editorial doesn’t do anything for me. She has no energy, her hands and arms look limp, there is just nothing interesting about the photos.

        • Lauren F Reply

          I agree with you too. I think the concept would have worked better without the ballerina theme as she doesn’t look like a very strong or graceful dancer. Overall it’s a bit contrived.

  2. Reply

    So stunning and Amanda Nørgaard actually used to be a ballet dancer.

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