Alyssa Miller & Rachel Ballinger by Alexander Neumann for L’Officiel Paris November 2011

Graphic Cruise – The November issue of L’Officiel Paris takes at look the cruise 2012 collections with Alexander Neumann’s streetwear style images starring Alyssa Miller and Rachel Ballinger. Styled by Vanessa Bellugeon, the duo sports colorful and graphic prints from the likes of Givenchy, Gucci, Prada and Bottega Veneta.

20 Responses to “Alyssa Miller & Rachel Ballinger by Alexander Neumann for L’Officiel Paris November 2011”

  1. No one will understand how much i effing LOVE and ADORE this editorial. All the looks and the crazy hair works for me. Excited after such a long time!

  2. Theinsider Reply

    For those who commented that there is not enough shots of Alyssa, she pulled a diva move and left the shoot, leaving the crews high and dry.
    Rachel B was cast to finished the story days later…

  3. Chico latino Reply

    I think this team is amazing, the whole entire shoot makes a lot of impact and it feels right now, right here, and it totally freshens up what we are seeing in fashion magazines, the girls look crazy, but yet stunning, colorful, yet chic, big thumbs up for the fashion ! Amazing!!!

  4. What I can say about this pics……..? Just that all turn so well on this pics….The fashion is great and well mixed and very energy full, the light super good ……..make up and hair really appropriate.LOVE IT AT ALL!!!!!!!GREAT STORY

  5. Belle De Jour Reply

    Love this great shoot, hair, nails, makeup, the genius style and the Spanish Harlem ambiance…

  6. Rhianna C Jones Reply


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