• http://themaddhaus.blogspot.com/ Enomys

    Gorgeous model! I wish they would of did a few more face shots but overall these are lovely photos

  • http://fashionography.net FASHIONOGRAPHY

    Paris <3

  • http://twitter.com/LdnViennaCol LondonViennaCologne

    beautiful!!! gosh i love her eyeliner and the hair. and that jean paul gaultier dress. and and and. i want to go to paris, NOW :)


  • Hiven

    I wonder if people who actually live in Paris are as bored of the eiffel tower as i am…

    • tyler

      yeah seeing the eiffel tower over and over again is not really inspiring. i think it is boring (or the easy way) to use it only to transport all these certain feelings and emotions that people associate with paris. you could get the same effect with something else too, but you would have to take some time to think of how…

      • IS

        But it also the quickest way for a photographer to let the everyday person know where these pics were taken. Eiffel Tower is still an icon to most of the world. Not saying you’re incorrect just saying

    • Milll

      yea i wish people would show other landmarks of paris… its not the only beautiful piece of architecture

  • Alala


  • thebirthdaygirl

    I have lived in Paris now for over two years and can honestly say that the Eiffel Tower hasn’t gotten boring yet. Maybe it’ll be boring in 10 years but as for now, its still quite magical. As for these photos, I think in theme of the Bordot kitch, it works. Although this one was done quite nicely, I think its the Bardot themed editorials that are becoming a bit tiresome….I’m ready to see an Anna Karina/France Gall iconic shoot!

  • thebirthdaygirl

    One more note….if you want to see a real inspiration shoot with historical sites of Paris…check out my latest blog post….haute couture, fashion at its finest, at its peak..groundbreaking..!


  • http://whycantmybestfriendbeme.blogspot.com/ Anita Siraki

    love her! and the makeup/styling is gorgeous…i live in los angeles…and i’m sick of the eiffel tower!!!!


  • http://twitter.com/elenavasilieva Elena Vasilieva

    loving the colours in the shots, nice looks too, very parisian


  • http://twitter.com/tayzipporah Tayma-Zipporah

    makes me want to be in paris!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous. I love these xxx

  • bisr

    Really really hot. Love the J-P Gaultier dress and the AP stockings.

  • http://toskaa.blogspot.com/ Toskaa

    LOVE IT!!!!