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A Photographer’s Thoughts on Nudity in Photography

The merit of nudity in fashion photography has often been argued, and there are usually two sides to this debate. There are those who feel that fashion photography is a way to sell clothes. If a model is naked in a fashion spread it distracts from the product. Then, there are others who have no problem wit the idea, saying that fashion photography is supposed to sell clothes the idea of beauty itself. And what is beauty in its purist form, if not the human body?

In a recent interview with photographer Jonathan Leder, I inquired about his thoughts on the issue. His response was simple yet valid:

“We asked a girl the other day how she felt about being naked and she said, ‘The human body is a beautiful thing.’ I suppose its true. I don’t have any problem with nudity. Walk into any museum around the world and you will be surrounded by paintings and sculptures of the human figure. It’s powerful and emotional…”

Check back soon for the rest of Jonathan’s exciting interview. For now, here is a black-and-white editorial he shot for Pig magazine recently.

photo source | courtesy of Jonathan Leder

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