Zero-Waste Makeup Options for Living Sustainably

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Living sustainably means consuming resources with as little to no waste as possible. This kind of lifestyle not only maximizes Earth’s natural resources but also secures the resources for future generations. And this includes going with zero-waste makeup options.

You see, going zero-waste is not just for our generation. It is a commitment to the children of our children. Hence, considering sustainability in our daily lives matter.

And as more resources are used up, more wastes are produced. Can you believe that we have generated 448 million tons of plastic by 2015?

But it does not mean that we will deprive ourselves of things that we enjoy. It is all about being smart with choosing the things that we buy and the way that we do things, too.

And that includes our makeup routine! We are free to enjoy putting on makeup and using other skincare and personal care products.

But behind every purchase, make sure that you are considering its sustainability. Ask yourself how a certain product will affect the environment and your body.

How is it manufactured? From where will it be coming from? How will I apply and use it? How will I dispose of it? Ask yourself these questions when considering a product’s impacts.

Assess how it can also benefit your skin. In going zero-waste, do not leave out the actual product’s effect on your health.

To help guide you on choosing safe and zero-waste makeup options, check out this list of tips!

Choosing Zero-waste Makeup Options: Follow the 5 R’s

The term carbon footprint refers to how much fuel is used up to produce something or do an activity.

And the more carbon footprint a certain item has, the more waste is produced.

Hence, one of the ways to go zero-waste is to lessen your carbon footprint. Here are some guiding principles on how to go about it:

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Refuse makeup with plastic glitters.

When buying cosmetics, refuse from using single-use plastic. In some products, you can see microplastic in the form of glitters.

Yes, we need some shine and shimmer because they look glamorous. But these glitters are used only once. Once you remove your makeup, they are discarded to the environment.

Microplastic can also exist in the form of microbeads in toothpaste and body wash. Once you use them, these microplastics go down the drain and pollute the oceans eventually.

This does not mean you should veer away from pretty cosmetics though. You can choose to use makeup that has natural minerals that give it shine.

While those are also considered to be single-use, at least they are not made of plastic that will take centuries to degrade.

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Reduce your makeup by opting for multi-purpose cosmetics.

Keep your routine lean. There are certain products now in the market that have a dual purpose.

You can opt for a tinted moisturizer that will give you a bit of coverage. This will lessen the need for a separate product that is a foundation, for example.

It is not always that you need to be on full-faced full-glam makeup. You do not need ten lipsticks of the same shade. You can look decent with just a few items that are high-quality.

Check your cosmetics stash and routine. See if you can minimize the number of cosmetics that you put on. And this applies to skincare, too.

Reuse makeup packaging, tools, and applicators as zero-waste makeup options.

There are brands that have designed their product lines to have reusable packaging. This creates options for you to just buy the refills. Hence, less packaging goes to waste.

In your routine, reuse sponges and brushes that you use. Just make sure that they are made of high-quality sturdy components and sanitize them every after use.

And even the cotton rounds that you use for removing your makeup need not be single-use. You can opt for reusable ones like the LastRound.

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Recycle plastic packaging.

As a sustainable measure, brands like Unilever are committing to transition into using eco-friendly recyclable plastic packaging in the years to come.

And when you recycle, you are extending the life of that material before it reaches the landfills.

Rot compostable packaging as a zero-waste makeup option.

Look for products that use paper packaging as in Sephora‘s lipsticks. This move has lessened the company’s carbon footprint by three times as reported. End-users can then use these lipstick paper tubes in their compost.

Other than the packaging, you can also opt for those with natural ingredients like DIY cosmetics and personal care products. Products made with natural ingredients are also expected to rot naturally and not add up to landfills if proper waste segregation is followed.

This also lessens your carbon footprint since most DIY recipes can be done at home. You get to decide on the ingredients, too, so you know exactly what goes in.

And you get to prepare only as much as you will need. Hence, making your products on your own is a zero-waste makeup option.

These are just the guiding principles when choosing your zero-waste makeup options. You can also apply these in other aspects of sustainable living. Let us know in the comments if you succeed in your zero-waste journey!

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