Why Diamond Rings Are Forever

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In general, a ring is a symbol of love and devotion to your special someone. However, the design and elements of the ring represent something else. The gemstone signifies power, status, and the level of dedication that you are willing to commit.

Among all gemstones, a diamond is the most valuable and expensive. Its value is determined by an extensive evaluation of the combination of all its qualities, which is why it is the leading gemstone choice for engagement rings. All diamond rings have unique intrinsic attributes, each of which can change the value of the stone.

Qualities of Diamond Rings

The value of diamond rings is from the combination of many factors. Professionals use a standard guideline in evaluating these factors. They conceived a grading system that classifies the diamonds according to the qualities which they refer to as the Carat Weight, Cut, Color, Clarity or the 4Cs.

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The color evaluation in a diamond ring depends on the absence of color. The more colorless the stone, the more value it contains. According to experts, colorless diamonds are the rarest; thus, the most expensive. Diamonds induce fluorescent light when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The amount of fluorescence that the stone can emit also determines the value of the ring. Too much fluorescence results in a cloudy and oily look, which can reduce its cost. 


Natural causes such as heat and pressure on the carbon result in several intrinsic characteristics called “inclusions” and external qualities called “blemishes” or scratches on the surface. The evaluation of diamonds involves identification of size, nature, and position of these characteristics that give the overall appearance of the stone. While there is certainly no “pure” diamond, the stone which is closest to this pure state is of high value.

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The precision in cutting also gives value to the diamond. The cut is essential because it determines light performance on the diamond, which in turn, provides the sparkling look of the stone. Contrary to preconceived notions, the cut is not about the shape of the stone. Instead, it is the overall symmetry, proportion, and polish that will affect how the diamond interacts with light.

Carat Weight

The carat quality of a diamond ring pertains to the measured weight of the stone. Each carat subdivides into a hundred points, which allows precision in measurement up to the hundredth decimal place. Fractions of a carat equate to price differences of hundreds and thousands, depending on the quality.

History of the Diamond Ring

Today, it is common knowledge that a diamond ring is a symbol of the love and commitment of a couple. However, this social norm has its roots that date back to as early as 1477.

Anthropologists believe that it originated from a Roman tradition where wives wore rings with keys on them, signifying ownership. Austria Archduke Maximillian customized the first engagement diamond ring to his betrothed wife, Mary of Burgundy. It later became a trend among aristocrats and noble families in Europe.

The durability of the diamond ring symbolizes that marriage is eternal. Hence, most people still opt to purchase diamond rings for their special someone to prove the depth of their commitment and love.

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