Why are Men Fascinated with Wearing Wrist Watches?

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You’d think with the technology; wrist watches would be a thing of the past. If anything, the timeless pieces seem to be getting more significance every day.

Affluent men who dictate their hours always wear wrist watches. They probably have an extensive collection of them and rarely look at them to check the time. Influential people such as presidents also wear wrist watches.

In the age where there are endless ways to tell the time, wristwatches manufacturers are still making a kill, year after year. There has to be something more to wearing a wristwatch than checking time. It’s easier for women to adorn their wrists with other accessories. However, for the majority of men, the wrist watches go beyond accessorizing their wrists.  So, why do men place a high value on wrist watches in modern society?

Expression Of Personality

A watch’s design, brand, and functionality reveal a lot about a man’s character and lifestyle. There are watches with different time zones which can show that the wearer is likely a globe-trotter; always on the move either for business or leisure and like staying organized on the travels.

An old watch model which can only tell of the time shows a man who prefers classic and rugged pieces with aesthetic value. Different watches show different styles, passion, sense of adventure, and refinement. You can express yourself with any brand as long as the piece is of high quality. To see more watches, you can check out BTrendie

Fascination With Technology And Craftsmanship

With watches, the more complicated, the better, that’s a belief that we can’t help but agree with! Some would go for wristwatches that take them several hours or days to figure out their functionalities. Luckily, manufacturers are meeting the demand for technologically advanced watches without difficulties.

The latest world’s most complicated watch is a Patek Philippe who has more than thirty functions. Well, some of the functionalities may seem unnecessary, but they make this watch a must-have collectible.  

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As An Investment

Some watches are worth more than cars, and they use up little for maintenance. You need to get the right watch if you want to sell it off later at a higher value. Watch auctions are always selling the latest pieces which have a story behind them. For instance, a watch that belonged to a famous person can fetch you several million in a single sale.

Most of the time, some of the best timepieces stay in the family lineage which makes them too sentimental to sell. Nevertheless, if you don’t get attached, you can always get a watch as a future source of income when the rates go up. And to find out what watches are worth the investment, you can visit https://swisswatchreview.com/

Emotional Bonds

Some men wear watches because it’s a part of who they are. They get so attached that even when fully clothed, they’ll still feel naked without their favorite wristwatch. The emotional connection happens over time where at first it might feel heavy and strange till you get acquainted.

Despite having a collection of them, you’ll always find that there’s a unique piece that you can wear throughout the week. There are others for special occasions each with a unique story to tell.


There are watches which have been in the families through grandfathers, fathers and then sons. They symbolize their history and tell of their story. And though the watches may not be the original ones, the brand, design or style remains the same.

The tradition becomes a way of connecting with the past, present and future men in the family.


Men’s trend of wearing wristwatches is here to stay. Just like the wearers, these small yet meaningful accessories ooze intellect, style, and sophistication.  Unlike expensive cars that give a loud statement, watches are a quiet and intelligent way of sharing a part of your personality with the rest of the world. You can also wear them anywhere, and no one will confuse them for someone else’s while it’s on your wrist. Noting that they won’t go out of style in centuries to come, manufacturers are now making lasting pieces that can tell your story for generations.

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