What To Wear For Your Driving Test

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Passing a driving test in Ireland involves lots of preparation. Most of these preparatory moves are quite essential to the success of the exercise while some are done in a bid to make the test an easy and enjoyable. One way to make your driving test an easy and enjoyable one is by paying due attention to what you wear for your driving test.


As you already know, a driving test is an examination that is assessed based on performance. For you to perform to the best of your ability and maximize your driving test, it is vital that you pay attention to what you wear. Definitely, you  want to be comfortable while taking your driving test. While there are quite a host of factors that determines your level of cofort while taking your test (i.e your level of preparedness, the condition of the vehicle in use for the test, etc.) Your dressing plays a huge role in this.

To start with, always have it at the back of your mind that the examiner will not necessarily score you based on what you are wearing for your driving test. Hence, you have the freedom to choose what you wear for your driving test.

You want to look smart, nice and all good as you prepare to go for the test. However, have it at the back of your mind that the way you are dressed for a particular occasion, event, or function says a lot about you. Like most persons, examiners also have first impressions about you and your dressing. So, even if there is no section for dressing on their score sheet, your dressing is still very important. This is because it subconsciously influences their sense of judgment. Thais is exactly why you should pay attention to what you wear.

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To get the best out of your driving test, make sure you are wearing something smart but casual. A nice jean is a good idea regardless if it is a trouser or a skirt for ladies. The most important thing is that it does not restrict your movement. Also, the same principle works for tops.

Always remember that you are not going for a recreational drive, instead, you are in for a driving test which will involve plenty of moving and twisting of the body, especially when you need to look around, perhaps for rounder bouts, parking spots, and other facilities. So it is best to wear clothes that do not restrict movement as this may weaken your abilities and also make you lose focus.

The heat can be a bit nasty in the summer months. Other environmental conditions such as the pressure of being under the watch of a driving test examiner and a host of other factors can even make matters worse. So, make sure you are not boxed up in a thick outfit during this time of the year.

Even in winter you need not necessarily get boxed up except if it is extremely cold and you are feeling the chill. This is because it may get hot on the driving test. Hence, the best thing to do is to wear layers. This will leave you open to options when you are about to take your driving test. You can put on a top made of reasonably thin material with high percentage of cotton, then, amplify it with another top that is easily removed if you are starting to feel heated up.

Surely, you do not want to start dripping with sweat on your test due to nerves. If during your driving test you are finding the heat unbearable, you have every right to ask the examiner if you can pull over in a safe place to address the situation. It is either turn the heating down or off, or remove a layer of clothing. They will be happy to oblige, seeing how much you are trying to make yourself comfortable so as to get the best result possible from the exercise. One more thing, don’t forget that you can choose to open your window as it is likely to boost your comfort level.

What To Wear For Your Driving Test
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This aspect of your dressing for your driving test should never be ignored. Remember, your legs play a crucial role while you drive. Hence, shoes for the driving test should be flat as flat shoes are best for the driving test. Any shoes with too much of a heel may work to your disadvantage.

Surely, you need to stay away from sandals with an uneven surface or flip flops as they can be dangerous due to the fact they can get stuck under a pedal. Likewise, you should stay away from shoes with long heels as this may prove difficult to operate the pedals. Also boots may prove to be uneasy to move whilst operating pedals.

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Finally, the most essential aspect of what to wear for the driving test is your shoes. Ideal driving test shoes or in essence, ideal shoes for driving on a good day are flats that are not restrictive and remain secure on the feet. As you prepare to take your driving test, make a conscious effort to find shoes that are not too wide to eliminate the possibility of unintentionally holding a pedal while you press another one. This has been a major cause of road accidents for driving rookies. Shoes with a slim sole will provide an enhanced sync between your feet and the pedal, giving room for a better sense of judgment as you drive.


Definitely, you can see how important it is that you pay attention to what you wear for your driving test.  Competent driving schools in Ireland such as ladybird driving school in Naas always make sure to give their learners proper orientation with respect to this. On a general note, driving instructors in Naas make sure they drum this point into the ears of learners as they prepare to take their driving test. Do not ignore this part of preparation for your driving test.

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