What Does Conditioner Actually Do for Your Hair?

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Self-care is essential, particularly from a confidence and hygiene perspective. Let’s face it, walking into a crowded room after a hot and sweaty gym session can be an unpleasant experience for those around you. We use various products to enhance our hair, skin, and nails to make ourselves more appealing to the people around us and improve our general hygiene. These come in many different names, styles, and containers.

With all the aerosols, creams, and substances we put in our hair, it can often be challenging to identify the benefits of each individual product. Incredibly, more than 10% of shoppers neglect to read the descriptions of products, and as such, it leads us to ask – what’s the benefit of Keune shampoo, and what does conditioner actually do for your hair? Let’s explore the benefits of conditioner and just precisely what it does to help maintain your locks.

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What is Conditioner?

Conditioner is a type of hair treatment available for purchase from salons and stores that acts as a moisturizing treatment. The treatment is made up of a number of different components, including oils, humectants, and nutrients.

It’s typically purchased in a bottle and is added to your hair after using shampoo. Where shampoo cleans and removes oil, conditioner allows for a follow-up treatment to improve the moisture and quality of hair.

Did you know that while most shampoo and conditioner advertising is marketed towards women, modern hair conditioner was invented to soften men’s hair? In fact, at the turn of the 20th century, French businessman Edouard Pinaud created a company that presented a product called Brilliante at the 1900 Paris Exposition. This led to the advent of the modern hair conditioner. In the years since, many companies have advanced the development of conditioners to the colorful bottles we see today.

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Is Conditioner Good for My Hair?

Conditioner is suitable for a wide variety of hair types. However, depending on your hair type, you may find that specific types of conditioners yield better results. For example, if you’ve got hair that is quite dry, a heavy-duty moisturizer may be more beneficial than a standard conditioner.

This is particularly important if you regularly run your hair through additional treatments. These treatments may include highlighting and coloring your hair – as these processes can dry your hair. A product that can reintroduce more moisture can help your hair feel more luscious and vibrant.

If you’re unsure about which conditioner may be best for you, sometimes it’s a good idea to speak to your local salon. Hairdressers are often an excellent guide in identifying what particular conditioner is best suited to your hair type, saving you valuable time and money at the checkout.

What Does Shampoo Do, and Why is it Different?

So you’re already using shampoo, and you may think that’s all you need. But what does conditioner do that shampoo doesn’t? Feeling it in your hand may seem like the same mysterious, oozy substance, much like shampoo. However, while shampoo and conditioner may look similar, the similarities stop there.

In fact, contrary to the feeling of each product, a conditioner has a vastly different effect than shampoo. A shampoo product cleans your hair and removes oils using substances such as surfactants. In many cases, excessive use of shampoo can remove moisture from your hair – which can make hair feel loose and fragile. As a result, many individuals choose to finish their shampoo use with a conditioner treatment to make sure they’re getting the best outcome for their hair.

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What are the Benefits of Using Conditioner?

One of the significant benefits of a conditioner is its ability to provide valuable moisture and oils direct to the hair follicles that need it. Where shampoo can remove some oils from your hair, resulting in fragile hair, conditioner, on the other hand, include humectants and emollients. These substances allow moisture to return to hair follicles and lock it in to help make your hair smooth, shiny, and supported.

Where Can I Get Conditioner?

While conditioners are available in most supermarkets and retailers nationwide, a quality conditioner such as Keune is only available online or at your local stockist.

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