What Does America Do in its Spare Time?

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Google trends data is starting to reveal what the bored US public have been turning to in the first months of 2020 and it looks like many people started looking away from their screens for something new to do. Many classic hobbies have seen a resurgence, which means that even now with Netflix, Apple and the Oculus Rift, many Americans prefer life on the simple side. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration to help you out when you need some new entertainment.

Learning a Language

Searches related to learning a language peaked on the 29th of March, one of the most searched hobby-related terms. People enjoy teaching themselves a new language as there’s no outside pressure in the form of grades or classmates and with numerous free apps and websites, the process only requires you to invest your time. Learning a language is also great for brain health, and there has been some correlation between being bilingual and enjoying slower cognitive ageing.

Online Casinos

Searches for online casinos have recently reached their highest interest since Google started recording search terms, with a massive surge this year. There has been an unprecedented spike in the recent 2 months. Those looking for the best online casinos don’t have to look far in the US, as it’s a huge industry; in January alone, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware hauled in $69.4 million this year.

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Resistance Bands

It looks like this year, Americans have looked to the home to stay healthy, and training with resistance bands was a clear solution to this problem. It’s unclear why resistance bands ranked highly in the Google search list, perhaps because they are perfect for home muscle-building whether you’re a beginner or an expert and can hit all muscle groups. They’re also an inexpensive solution.

Baking and Cooking

Americans have also turned to baking and cooking when they had the time. This is another trend that signifies a society that has a healthier focus, as cooking one’s own food is healthier than eating out. Baking is a great hobby because you can put a lot of effort into your work and treat everybody in the house!

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Getting out in the garden is excellent for your health and devoting hours to helping things grow can help you feel like you have a bit more control over your life. Maybe that’s why gardening tips became so searched for over the past few months. There is always something more to do in the garden, and many Americans relished in the opportunity to spend some quality time working on making their garden look beautiful if searches are anything to go on. Vegetable-growing seems to be specifically popular this year, according to The Economist, which supports a healthier society too!

Whatever your pastime has been so far in 2020, if you enjoy it and feel it is good for you, you should be pleased with your achievements. If you have been thinking of exploring a new hobby, learning a new skill, or just relaxing differently, why not? There’s no time like the present.

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