What Do Fashion and Casinos Have in Common?

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If you try to gain entry into a casino in your regular t-shirt and shorts, don’t be surprised if you are refused entry. Every brick-and-mortar casino has a dress code that is implemented strictly. Since, the advent of casinos, fashion has been a perfect accompaniment to these gambling hubs. Both fashion and casinos have influenced each other to an extraordinary extent and this is what we are going to talk about in this post.

How it all started?

In their initial years, casinos were believed to have a negative influence over society and were simply ignored by the respectable folks. It was believed that casinos are the places where unprincipled people come together to gamble their money that was thought to be collected through unscrupulous means.

However, the casino culture got a major revamp when bars and dining were incorporated into the walls of the casinos. This brought upon a complete change in how casinos were perceived. Soon, casinos were escalated from a gambling harbor to a place well-suited for social assemblages. This rise in the standards of the casinos made them a common gathering spot for the respectable rich and elite of the society. This gave rise to the concept of the dress code. With the increase in the glamor quotient of the casinos, the owners began implementing strict dress codes at par with the elite.

If you are thinking about how to dress for a Casino, what do all James Bond movies have in common? The lead actor portraying the role of James Bond is always well-dressed.

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The Initial Days of the Casino Dress Code Policy

The fashion industry is bigger than you can imagine. If you are of the opinion that fashion doesn’t influence your life then think again. The clothes that you wear and the accessories that you adorn; all come under fashion. So, it can be safely stated that in one way or the other fashion influences our daily lives as well.

Speaking about casinos, the rush and the atmosphere that you witness inside the casinos have inspired a plenitude of talented designers to base their collection around casinos. Even the joy and the vibes that you experience while heading to a casino has been an inspiration for many talented designers in designing their clothing line. Since the crowd inside casinos consists primarily of the rich and the elite of the society, the top clothing lines are bound to get inspired as they design their clothes targeting the affluent section of the society. On the other hand, the elite class like to flaunt their standards; hence, they will indeed invest a good fortune in having a separate wardrobe collection for their casino gatherings. So, from this, you can easily spot that casinos play a major role in influencing fashion and vice-versa. Both, fashion and casinos go hand-in-hand and will continue to do so in the future as well.

Speaking about fashion brands, the best example is Chanel, which is largely known for its inclination towards creating concept designs inspired by real-life events. Moreover, if you happen to go through some old movies that have a casino scene, you will witness a lavish crowd, including both men and women, flaunting their well-styled and opulent dresses, impeccable grooming standards, and matching accessories.

Another great example displaying the influence of casino culture on a fashion brand comes from Moschino, a fashion brand whose June 2017 show was entirely based on Vegas casino-related fashion.

Video from Show:

Well-known models like Hailey Baldwin, Miranda Kerr walked the ramp in neon dresses drawing inspiration from the neon lights present on the Vegas strip as well as the neon lights that you usually see on various slot games.

Glamorous Couple Woman Silver Man Suit
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The Present Scenario

As compared to the beginning, casinos are no longer a place for only the rich and affluent see examples here. So, the casinos have brought in considerable leniency in dress codes targeting folks from all sections of the society. It is no longer necessary to make a top fashion statement to gain entry into a casino. But, as mentioned in the beginning, this doesn’t mean you can gain entry in your nightwear or a simple t-shirt or shots. The vehemence has shifted from fashionable clothes to comfortable clothes. It is quite obvious that if you are uncomfortable in the clothes that you are wearing your focus will be less inclined towards gambling but more on adjusting your clothes for coming in a comfortable position. This doesn’t mean that the retro era has come to an end as you will still find a great number of people wearing high-end fashion clothes in the casinos. In short, upon entering a casino, you will witness the best of both worlds.

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How to dress when heading to a Casino?

So, you have finally decided to pay a visit to a casino but are confused as to how to dress. Please note that though casinos have relaxed the rules, there still exist some unwritten dress-related rules that you need to take care of before entering into a casino premise. Read more about all the dress codes for UK here.

First, you must be aware of the reason behind your visit to the casino. Are you going in to win some bucks or are you going simply to have fun or a night out? The choice of clothes relies on the reason behind your casino visit. Moreover, the casino that you are going to visit matters as well. If you are going to visit the famous Casino de Monte Carlo, it is quite obvious that you cannot dress like a teenager. You have to look sophisticated but, at the same time, you must be comfortable as well carrying around your dress in style leaving an aura of a great fashion statement every time you walk.

Normally men are more confused than women as to what to wear to a casino. The best dress to play safe is chinos, loafers, along with a shirt and a blazer. This combination never fails to impress. Don’t forget to pair it with the most fashionable watch that you own. Please note that if you are going to a casino intending to win some money, the way you dress will portray what kind of a player you are. Hence, if you wish to portray yourself as a high-roller dress like one. On the other hand, if you are more on the bluffing side, dress like a new player who doesn’t know much about a casino game. This will make the other players underestimate your skills and you are more likely to win big.

From above, you can easily understand that the way you dress and how fashionable you look go hand-in-hand when you are visiting a casino. This clearly shows how much fashion and casinos have in common with each other. Read more about the dress codes for UK here.

Conclusion – The Future

From the post, we can conclude that it will be an extremely incorrect statement that fashion and casinos will part ways in the future. Fashion and casinos will continue to complement each other in the future as well. The trends might change but the relationship between fashion and casinos will remain intact.

Read more about casino etiquette here.

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