Was Vesper Lynd the Most Iconic Bond Girl?

Eva Green Red Carpet Beauty
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Over the decades, we have been treated to 25 different James Bond films, some of which are better than others. While the main attraction for many fans is, of course, the brazen, macho antics of 007 himself, this is certainly not the case for all of us.

One enduring trope of all Bond films which, despite feeling increasingly outdated, is the presence of the “Bond girl”. For those who don’t know, the Bond girl is the female sidekick to 007, part of a revolving door of unbelievably beautiful women who also happen to do espionage like the best of them.

Much like the films, the Bond girls’ characters over the decades have been of varying quality. Some of them are barely sketched-out set pieces, with the often talented actress playing them being constrained by lazy and often sexist writing.

However, every once in a while, a Bond girl is able to truly shine and even overshadow the leading man. One such Bond girl is Casino Royale’s Vesper Lynd, played with nuance, finesse, and gravitas by Eva Green. Here’s why Vesper might just be the most iconic Bond girl ever.

An Instant Style Icon

First, let’s talk about the fashion and style impact of Eva Green’s character, which has probably been more consequential than any other Bond girl. The outfits and makeup rocked by the character instantly entered the cultural repertoire of the late 2000s, with her look having a lasting impact on both high fashion and mass consumer fashion alike.
There’s the truly iconic purple dress worn upon entry to the Casino de Monte Carlo, a Roberto Cavalli creation which has been endlessly replicated since. There are the slick, razor-sharp lines of her suits and evening gowns, cutting an iconic silhouette. Then there is, of course, the dramatic shock of black eyeliner, laid on thick to evoke to the tortured soul at the heart of Green’s character. Few Bond girls in history have had such a lasting style impact.

Eva Green Actress Black Dress
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Evoking the Glamour of Monte Carlo

Vesper Lynd is at her best in the Casino de Monte Carlo, moving like liquid around the gilded baccarat tables as she subtly engages in subterfuge for Queen and Country. The way Vespa works the setting reminded us that the casino can serve as a place for all kinds of glamorous adventures.

These days, many people prefer to play casino games online, thanks largely to the huge number of casino bonus schemes on offer that allow people to play hundreds of pounds worth of baccarat without spending their own money. While such welcome bonuses do not exist in Monte Carlo, Eva Green’s performance reminds us that there is most definitely still a place for these old-world gambling palaces.

A Complex Portrayal of a Once-tired Trope

Of course, what really cemented Eva Green’s position as the Bond Girl of the 21st century is the complex, nuanced, and highly emotive performance that she brought to the role. Sometimes, Bond Girls can’t help but feel one-dimensional, given the history of the trope.

However, Eva Green was determined not to allow this to keep her hemmed in. Instead, she delved into the traumatic history of the character of Vesper Lynd and brought us a raw portrayal of a conflicted character, caught up in events she never intended to be, all in the service of something she’s not even sure she believes in anymore.
This is the beauty of Vesper Lynd.

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