The Untold Truth of Male Modeling Relationships

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Yeah, life can be good as a male model, but why does that suddenly mean you are devoid of true emotions? Dive into the untold issues of models dating.

It would be so easy to sit there and make heart eyes at the male models in your magazine but to completely disassociate them as people who may be on the dating scene. Now, we aren’t saying that the next time you log onto your favored dating site you’ll see 10 male models ready to take you out; but you should entertain the idea that you could one day date one of these handsome specimens. However, there are some hurdles to dating a model that you may have never even considered before! These can be anything from the stereotypes they have to deal with, to how their career can put a strain on their love life. If you are a fellow male model reading this, then sit back and relax whilst we voice the trials and tribulations of your romantic world.

The Harm of Stereotypes

The whole concept of stereotypes is a complicated one, to begin with. Where do they come from? Can we truly ever overcome them? What stereotypes do I conform to? Everyone seems to be pigeonholed into some sort of category in life and some are harsher than others. Male models, for example, must put up with some hurtful stereotypes, but to complain about them would seem ungrateful. Just some of the stereotypes that models must put up with are as follows

  • Models lack intelligence and as a result, would be boring to talk to. Not only is this extremely rude but also very wrong. In all walks of life, you will experience people who aren’t as engaging as others in conversation so to make this a stereotype of models is very misleading.
  • They need constant validation. Don’t we all?
  • They won’t be loyal. There’s a likelihood of this with anyone we date, especially with the rise of online dating and social media.
  • They are high maintenance. Everyone’s definition of “high maintenance” seems to change depending on gender and experience. If your career relied on you having good skin and keeping fit, wouldn’t you take more care about how you look?
  • They are vain and entitled. Once again, this changes depending on the person and once again, it’s their job to look good?
  • They are an unattainable partner, so there is no point in trying. No matter who you are there will always be someone that you look at who appears to be completely unapproachable and unattainable. Model or not. At the end of the day if you don’t ask then you don’t get so why not just give it a go and see where it gets you?

At the end of the day, almost all stereotypes are born out of jealousy of some kind. However, these assumptions can be damaging to not only your self-esteem but how others view you from the offset.

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The Annoying Press Attention-Getting in The Way

Varying levels of success in the male modeling world means that some may experience some more negative press attention compared to others. Understandably, this adds a lot of pressure to not only your working and personal life but also piles on the pressure in your romantic world. This unwanted attention from the press can make it hard for male models to trust who they are dating. It leaves them asking questions such as “do they only want to be with me for the clout?” or “will the press drive them away?”. This uncertainty can make it difficult for male models to connect with people (a struggle us non-models rarely must deal with). So, try and be as patient as possible if you are the romantic interest of a model with enough success to be under the scrutiny of the press.

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How the Modeling Career Kills Your Love Life

Being a male model means that your working day can be a little unconventional compared to the usual 9 to 5 grind for the rest of us. You can be due onset before the sun has even risen and you could still be working well after the sun has set. Because of this, it can be hard for models to find time for themselves, let alone others. It can even be hard to keep friends outside of the modeling world so to add the pressure of a relationship makes things even harder. However, no one should have to sacrifice their successful career just to find love, so they need to find a flexible partner and both parties need to be willing to make the most of their free time.

With all this being a part of your life, it’s almost impossible to find some free time and go out to meet someone. In this case, online dating becomes very convenient. There are thousands of websites where you can find someone you like and who will not judge you by stereotypes and will respect your time and efforts in business. The results of the research, conducted by shows that a lot of male models are using dating sites not determining their profession in the profile and not using professional photos as their profile pictures.

True Reasons Why You Are Loved!

After all of this, it can feel like there is no hope for the male models out there seeking that special connection. However, this isn’t the case! Everyone gets their shot at love more than once in their life and it is all about finding those who understand you. Whether, you want to find someone in the same profession, or you want to meet someone who isn’t involved so that you can get some distance from your work. No matter what, you are in a brilliant position to have the pick of the bunch when it comes to men and women! Hopefully, with more awareness raised with those outsides of the modeling world, you may be able to be open with more people. We wish you all the luck in your dating adventures (both models and non-models) and we hope that you find that special someone for you.

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