Ultimate Daily Routine for Building Your Body & Mind

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When you wake up each morning, it is a good idea to set your body and mind right before you start the day. Besides eating a well-balanced breakfast, some people will exercise by walking around the block for 20 minutes. Other people might grab a recreational marijuana joint or vape some THC wax, depending on the laws of their local area. 

If you use THC wax to help build a better body and mind, then pay attention to the cannabis strain where it originates. One of the best THC cannabis strains for relaxation purposes is the Durban Poison Strain. Even though the name might sound scary, it is a very safe and effective strain for consuming THC. 

Below are the top 7 daily routines for building your body and mind:

1. Learn Something New

The internet gives you access to unlimited amounts of information and educational resources. Take advantage of these resources by learning one new thing per day. You can choose what you want to learn. Pick something that interests you.

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill? If so, you could spend an hour each day working toward learning that skill. Watch YouTube videos or read whatever material is necessary to receive this education. 

2. Positive Mantra

The Hindus use a mantra as a way to stay positive throughout the day. Mantra is a technique where you repeat a specific word, sentence, or phrase repeatedly to invoke a particular feeling within yourself. 

For example, you could repeat something positive like “I am going to have an excellent day today” or “This will be the best day I’ve ever had.” As you say it out loud over and over again, you will start to feel more optimistic about the day.

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3. Exercise

Exercise is imperative to include in your daily routine. It is the essence of staying physically healthy on the inside and outside. Some of the most popular physical activities include walking, jogging, running, cycling, and swimming. 

You could go a step further and lift weights as well. Then you can build your muscle mass while improving the health and vitality of your heart. That is how you increase your lifespan. Not only that, but you will also look better and feel better too. 

4. Watch Motivational Videos

Do you find yourself feeling sluggish or lacking the motivation to do anything? One way you can cure this problem is by watching motivational videos. YouTube is filled with motivational videos featuring celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denzel Washington, and Tony Robbins.

All of these speakers overcame hardships to achieve greatness in their lives. If you were to listen to any of them for 10 minutes, you’d be filled with motivation to try harder and accomplish your dreams. 

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5. Six to Eight Hours of Sleep

Sleep is a significant factor in building the mind and body. You cannot have a healthy mind or body without getting at least six to eight hours of sleep per night. That is just enough time for your body to rebuild its muscle tissue and restore its energy levels. 

Sleep might sound like a simple daily routine, but how many hours of sleep do you get per night? Most people are lucky if they get five hours of sleep because they lead such busy lifestyles. If you can arrange to have more time for rest, then it would go a long way in helping you to rebuild yourself each day. 

6. Vaping

As previously mentioned, consuming THC can help you build a better mind and body. Since it does a great job of reducing stress and anxiety, you will ultimately think better and feel better after consuming THC. Stress reduction is the key to living a healthy life.

Vaping is the easiest way to consume THC. If you’d prefer smoking the flower or eating an edible THC product, you can do that instead.  

7. Make a List of Daily Tasks

Do not try to memorize everything you have to do each day. It is much easier to make a list of all your daily tasks so that you don’t forget to do them. If your tasks are different each day, then use a planner book or notepad to organize your tasks for each week. The list will help keep you more organized and reduce mental stress. 

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