7 Types of Photography That Will Help You Define Your Style

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Every artistic branch is divided by categories, and as such, photography is also part of it. Well, it’s not just stepping behind a lens and capturing or just knowing how to make some camera settings. Being a good professional involves much more than that, either by composition, colors, elements, plans or types of photographs as we will share on this occasion.

These types of photos are divided into many subtopics, which are dedicated exclusively to highlight a theme, such as nature, highlight facial expressions, highlight advertising photos, shots from the sky, publicize stories that nobody knows or just give a touch from antiquity to the present.

To help you understand a bit more, we will show you the 7 most widely practiced types of photography that will definitely help you define your capture style.

#1: Aerial and orbital photography; is done from above, giving a wider vision of the objective

Aerial photography and orbital have a massive influx of using drones; this trend has grown in the last three years. Unmanned aircraft can capture videos and images from a high point, saving money that would have been spent on hiring people. The shots can be taken from an airplane, but when drones are used, they manage to capture similar images with very little expense.

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#2: Landscape photography; mostly used to capture natural places

Landscape photography is perhaps one of the most traditional styles of photography. Of course, that is no mystery; our world has fantastic views. Capturing landscapes through photography is a powerful skill as it often allows honest documentation of nature. Photographing landscapes can also include urban landscapes, bridges, and historic buildings. Make sure you choose the right sensor size (the debate of APS-C vs full frame rages on) to get good landscape photos.

#3: Documentary photography; seeks to record and document part of a story that is not known

In the same way that black and white photography provides a sense of honesty, the main objective of this type of photos is to tell the truth objectively and without prejudice.

Documentary photography is performed in photojournalism, historical events, social and political events and tell stories that most people do not know; as some internal war, education, poverty, model characters or history behind an artist.

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#4: Fashion photography; highlights trends to capture the attention of the public

Fashion photography is a genre focused on high-end display of clothing and products. This style is commonly associated with magazines such as Elle, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and other lifestyle publications.

#5: Advertising photography, used to sell or publicize a product

This style is used by agencies, brands, companies (small and large) and many others that seek to market products and services. This branch of advertising photography can be used in several platforms, especially as social networks and product design are developed.

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#6: Photography of gastronomy, exploited by bloggers, restaurants, and websites

The photography of gastronomy is majorly used by restaurants or influencers that want to give to know some plate that seemed exquisite to them or to be a sponsor part of a restaurant.

One recommendation is that this type of images are captured without flash, only with natural light, because the flash highlights parts that do not look as good for the public eye.

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#7: Portrait photography, capture moods, and facial expressions

Portrait photography offers viewers the opportunity to connect with the theme of a photo. Unlike advertising photography, the subject of a portrait can be seen or not be perfect. Portraits may include head shots or shots of the whole body and may encompass a range of emotions and images.

8. Event and press photography

Despite the ubiquity of mobile phones with decent cameras, the demand for professional event photography coverage remains high. Whether it’s corporate event photography, press event coverage, or even funeral photography, there is plenty of fast-turnaround work on the market. Event Photographers must be flexible, fast-moving, and always have the latest gear, including on-location post-production and delivery facilities.

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