The Truth About Beauty Sleep

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Beauty sleep should be an integral part of any beauty routine. Even though we generally don’t believe we are getting any things done while sleeping, our bodies beg to differ. During sleeping our body regenerates, but sometimes it is hard to get enough sleep during the night. Beauty sleep is important and you should snooze during the day whenever you get the chance, especially if you haven’t had a full 8 hours of sleep. So, let’s see the truth about beauty sleep and how beneficial it is. 

Create a Comfortable and Relaxing Space

Sleep is when our bodies achieve the most, and having a safe and comfortable sleeping environment is a must. Your bedroom should be relaxing and you should be able to sleep comfortably no matter what time of day it is. So, invest in a good mattress and pillows, always change your sheets, make sure to have different lighting options and add plants. Also, you can light a candle an hour before getting to bed or add some essential oils in order to create a relaxing atmosphere. Not only will you have better night sleep, but you will also love napping in there whenever you need your beauty sleep. 

Get Rid of Wrinkles

When we sleep, our skin makes new collagen and collagen is responsible for preventing wrinkles. With more naps and more beauty sleep our bodies produce necessary amounts of collagen in order to keep our skin plump and less wrinkly. So, if you sleep only 5 hours a night you may be more prone to having fine lines and your skin can become dryer. So, whenever possible, take that beauty nap for your skin. 

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Less Puffy Eyes

Chances are that you have puffy eyes and dark circles around them because you lack sleep. When we sleep enough we tend to have almost no dark circles around the eyes and our eyes are less puffy. So whenever you notice such changes around your eyes, make sure to take a nap during the day in order to get enough of the beauty sleep, or try and get more shut-eye during the night. Also, stay hydrated during the day and try adding an extra pillow in your bed to elevate your head, since this could reduce swelling.

Healthier Hair

Our hair needs sleep too in order to grow normally and stay healthy. If you are experiencing hair loss, breakage or damage it may be because you lack sleep. Our hair and hair follicles actually get their nutrients through our blood flow and our blood flow decreases when we lack sleep. So, whenever possible sleep more in order to have healthier and fuller hair. 

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Your Appearance Will Change

When we are tired or sleep-deprived our face looks sadder because the corners of our moth can droop. Also, being constantly tired changes our facial expression in consistent ways and we tend to frown more. Red and swollen eyes, dark circles, pale skin and simply looking sad can have a great effect on us, and this makes it obvious that we need more sleep. Take a nap, get a day off and get enough shut-eye and you will look healthier and happier and your mood will change significantly.

Your Skincare Products Will Work Better

While we sleep, our organism can focus on repairing itself, and the same goes for our skin. We all have a comprehensive skincare routine, but the products cannot work properly if we are not getting enough sleep. Blood flow is an important part of getting the products to work, and the more sleep we get the better they work since our blood flow is more consistent. Also, our skin loses its moisture faster when we sleep, so feel free to use creamier moisturizer before bed and drink plenty of water.

We all know how important sleep is, but we usually tend to focus on other things more. All of these benefits come to us only when we sleep more, so make sure to add beauty sleep to your beauty routine and you will see how everything works better and you feel more cheerful. 

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